Inauguration of Style Warning

Written on 2015-01-22 20:40:00

So, my last blog basically died. Some of you may notice that it has redirected to the Wayback Machine.

There was a catastrophic mishap, of course accidental, where the database of the website was deleted. I, assuming all system administrative duties were taken care of, did not ensure there was a complete backup. So, a lot of new material, and all partial drafts, are gone.

It's too bad, but not the end of the world. Slowly I will be manually migrating old content from Symbo1ics to Style Warning.

Style Warning is this new shiny website. It isn't as fancy as Symbo1ics in terms of features, because I decided I will go with nearly the bare minimum. This time, instead of Wordpress for dynamic content, I am going with Coleslaw, a Jekyll-like static blog generator written in Common Lisp.

Wordpress was a behemoth of PHP. Go check one of the sources on Symbo1ics. Your eyes will bleed. It is huge, bloated, and whenever something popped up on the front page of Hacker News, the entire site would come to a screeching halt. Also, the constant updates to the website were annoying. Eventually, it just began to bit rot, which in turn, made it insecure.

Why change domains? One might say this is a re-branding. There will be mostly the same kind of content, but just under a different name. Symbo1ics was originally supposed to be a website about my Lisp machines, but I never got to documenting them. I still hope to one day. Of course, "Symbo1ics" is a play on the name "Symbolics", which was the name of the at the time successful company that produced Lisp machines and a plethora of software.

Using the name "Symbo1ics" had its own problems though. Here is a typical exchange over the phone.

Them: So, Robert, what is your email address?

Me: It is Q U A D at S Y M B O the number one I C S dot C O M. Quad at symbolics dot com, but with the L replaced with the number one.

Them: So let me repeat. It is quad at S Y M B O the number one I C S dot com?

Me: Yes.

Can you see the problem? Also, whenever I write the email address, I have to always explicitly follow up saying to pay particular attention to the number 1 in the name. Many have told me eventually that they sent emails to, which is a domain currently being wasted by an investor for advertising.

Hopefully such issues will be partially mitigated by the new domain.

This website isn't complete. There are some things that I need to add or fix, like permalinking or maybe even comments. It also needs a better look. But for now, it's an improvement over the previous system.

Stay tuned!

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